sometimes words find a meandering dissonance ... or a nice honey with an inference that music stokes a lovely insolence through a soulful resonance vibrating sticky, stung and reckless as a consequence
The Buyerarchy of Needs

The Buyerarchy of Needs

this mix is well jackson

DyAD - Condemned 
Eskmo - Manner of Experience 
Durandal - Night Terror 
Matt-U - Danger VIP - ft Kyza Smirnoff, Orifice Vulratron, Marger & Illaman 
Sqz Me - Original Civilization 
Kinzy - Dirty Ladies 
Trampa - Gas Tank 
Goosensei - Irregular (Dubsworth and Tapa Remix) 
Subtle Mind - Fela 
N-Type & Surge - Sandcastles 
Joker - Gully Side 
Gully Cat - Trapped Reece 
North Base - Insomniac 
Laxx - Chicago Sweep 
P0gman - Back To The Start 
Cotti - Coconut Tree 
DJ Madd - Judgement Time 
Dubloadz & P0gman - Hustle Life 
Disposition & Sponge Bandits - Die TOnight 
Konvex - Black Hole 
Genetix - Paleolithic 
Autoerotique - Nasty 
Natty - Bedroom Eyes (Lorenza, Ko Kane, Tom Zanetti) 
Pinch & Roska - Shoulda Rolla 
Durandal - Lifeline (Orbexal Remix) 
Slum Village - Fall In Love (Moody Good Remix) 
Robot Koch & John Robinson - Smorgasbord 
Santogold vs Benga - Unstoppable vs Night Dub 
Eskmo - Cloudlight 
Oliver Tank - Help You Breathe

mixed with mouse&keyboard & 4 deck virtualdj… and it’s not all dubstep